The Gorgeous Country of Thailand

  • By Siddharth Anand, Grade-7, Cambridge International School – Dubai

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A warm hello from the beautiful paradise of Kao Tao! It has been an insane week here at Thailand. I knew since the moment I got out of the airport that coming here was the right decision, and that this holiday would be an unforgettable one. Our cabbie took us to a hotel on the shores of Kao Tao.

The real adventure was yet to begin.

Not one to procrastinate, I jumped at the chance to sunbathe. I am now sitting under an umbrella and watching the picturesque view in front of us. Seas of turquoise expand, merging into the blue skies at a point – so soothing for my eyes to see.

The orange sun is now making its dramatic exit, bleeding into the water. To make the view picture perfect, the waves crash repeatedly onto the sand, spraying droplets of water on me.

Probably the best feature of Thailand for a person like me is the food. At every meal they serve us different meat, each better than the last.  The standout, definitely, is the chicken sautéed with barbecue sauce, which is ambrosial. To accompany that, they serve us a different cocktail with each main course. This has been on my bucket list from a long time, and it is really worth the wait.

Rainforest, tropical islands, coconut trees, mountains, coral reefs – it is really amazing how many things a country as small as Thailand can fit  into its land, and how splendid it looks, all in all.

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The Battle in the Labyrinth

  • By Rishabh Rahul Grade 8Q, Indian High School – Dubai


“Hurray!! We are going to Kerala to celebrate my birthday,” said the brave and bold Jason Mathew. Jason was going to his grandparent’s house in Kerala.

On reaching, he wanted to take a walk around the place, but his parents warned him, “It’s not safe to go out alone, especially for kids.”

He didn’t understand what his parents meant, so he asked, “Why so?”

“Don’t you listen to the news?” asked his father. “Ram Shekhawat, the son of millionaire Raj Shekhawat, has been kidnapped, and the kidnapper has demanded 50 crores as ransom.”

“That is very bad news,” he said.

“Indeed it is,” said my parents.

Since Jason couldn’t go out, he decided to check out his grandfather’s farm. While walking around, his leg hit something. He couldn’t believe what he saw – it was an iron door handle. He looked carefully, and there was a door in front of him. There was a board on top of the door which read: “This is the entrance to the secret tunnel, which leads to the magical labyrinth.”

Jason thought that it would not be safe to enter it just then. So he decided to collect all the required supplies and enter the secret tunnel at midnight while his family was asleep.

When he returned to his house to have dinner he was surprised to see his uncle Dr. Sam Mathew there. His uncle was a doctor but had lost his job due to some reasons. Now he was desperately looking for work. He didn’t have any money either.

After eating the delicious meal cooked by his grandmother, Jason was about to hit the bed, but then he remembered his mission. He packed water supplies which would last a day at least. Now all he needed was some weapons. He already had two pocket knives, but he needed something more reassuring. Then he remembered that his mother had once told him that there was a real sword in the farm house. He grabbed that sword and without wasting any more time, reached the entrance of the secret tunnel.

Taking a deep breath, he said to himself, “I can handle this on my own!” Then he entered the tunnel.

After walking for a while, he found what he knew was the entrance to a labyrinth. It read: “Dare to Enter and Never Return”. He was terrified by the warning, but he still continued on his path. Then there was another board which read: “The magical labyrinth can take you to any part of the world”.

When he walked some more, he heard some footsteps ahead of him. Slowly and steadily he followed the footsteps which led him to an opening. On coming out of the opening, he started freezing. Jason figured out that he was in Antarctica.

Now he could see the people he was following. They were carrying a big box in their hands, and were heading towards a factory. He was surprised to see that none of the men had guns except a man sitting on a chair. Jason figured out that he was the “BOSS”.

Suddenly one of the men saw him and warned the Boss.  He aimed his gun at Jason and was about to shoot him, but at the last moment Jason threw his pocket knife at the Boss and the gun fell down. He grabbed the gun and pointed it at the Boss’s face. Nobody moved at all.

When he was about to leave the place, he noticed a boy tied to a pillar. He went to the boy and asked, “Who are you and why are you here?”

The boy replied, “I am Ram Shekhawat, son of Raj Shekhawat. These guys have kidnapped me. Please save me!” 

Immediately Jason cut the ropes with his sword and tied the hands of the notorious goons. But as he ran out of rope, he couldn’t tie up the Boss. Jason walked behind the Boss with his gun pointed.

Before leaving, he decided to take a good look at the Boss. Jason couldn’t believe his eyes. The Boss was none other than Jason’s uncle Dr. Sam Mathew! No wonder the men had no guns. His uncle could not afford guns – he could have afforded only one. Then Jason led the gang to the entrance of the labyrinth. As he had a very sharp memory, he easily found his way out.

On the way, the Boss snatched the sword and injured Jason badly on his legs and hands. Jason fought back bravely, and just as the boss was about to get away, Jason shot him on the leg. After that nobody dared to attack him till they reached the entrance.

At the entrance, Jason handed over the Boss, his uncle, to the police and dropped Ram Shekhawat at his house. He then returned to his house and quietly went back to bed. He promised himself that this eventful night would be the secret of his life.

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  • By Sreeranjini Sureshbabu, Grade 6 – L, Our Own English High School, Sharjah 


Drops of rain trickled down the window

Each drop collected with a splash below.

The song of the rain continues

With a constant flow.

I watched through the blur

As the rain kept making new rhythms

The world in front of my eyes

Covered in a watery fuzz.

I opened the window

And the wind washed my face

Into the open I looked.

The mist smiled with a cloudy haze

The cool breeze passed by,

Kissing my cheek.

I smiled and laughed

Replying to the songs of the rain.

At the Beach

                          – By Viraj Sivaprasad, 8N, GEMS Our Own Indian School, Dubai
Everyone has a place where they go to escape the pressures and worries of life. There is always that one spot which can soothe all your problems and troubles in times of stress. For me, the beach is the ultimate cure to my stress.
The sun emerges like a yellow lollipop from the distant horizon. Untouched golden sand covers the distance that eyes can see. A gentle breeze rushes through your hair, and there is a strong scent of salty air. Beach shops prepare for their day of excited customers bustling in and out of their small shops. Sanwiches, beverages, windbreakers and towels all come packed and carried over the visitors’ shoulders.  The sound of the waves crashing and the harsh calls of the seagulls are very appealing to the ears.
Sitting for hours and playing with sand, the children laugh and giggle as sand castles are washed away by the gigantic waves. Some sand castles stand freely in the sun, glistening like diamonds. Parents relax lazily as the sun beats down on them even as the foamy mist sprays like feathers.
People exchange their experiences as the day comes to an end. A muddle of colours appear in the sky as the sun sets. Once more, the beach is left with the garbage of the visitors. Ah! What a day is was at the beach!

A New Year

  • Written by Sreeranjini Sureshbabu, Grade 6 – L, Our Own English High School, Sharjah 


Always with great expectations

My year starts

Always with satisfaction

My year ends

Celebrations of joy

Laughter heard above the sky

A new year comes opening the doors

Finding ways to above floors

Maybe missing the past,

Maybe wishing for wonderful paths,

We wander,

But are never lost

Another future we weave,

Never attempting to predict

A new year awaits

Laughing with joy, forgetting the past…                                                                                          

Unearthly Underwater Experience

  • By Prachi Bhatia, Emirates International School – Dubai

Scene 1 (in third person perspective)

The blue water moves along, shafts of sunlight cuts through the water and in the distance, a school of fish can be seen swimming through the seaweed and a pile of rocks. A wrecked ship can be seen and next to that, a mini underwater volcano. The protagonist, Eaton, mid-20s, around 6ft tall, fit, with a brown beard and light brown hair, his clothes, black shirt and grey jogging tracks, floats around, asleep, and nearby is a plastic bag.

Eaton struggles to breathe and then wakes up, thrashing his arms and legs. Looks around and swallows the water, and spits it out of his mouth.

Eaton: Yuck! It’s salty!

School of fish pass by and his eyes shut (as if curtains are being shut).


Scene 2 (in first person perspective)

(Curtains open) Dunes are visible and the sun is bright.

Eaton turns around in a slow movement, observing this new landscape.

As he turns, the camera shakes as Eaton falls/trips on something. Eaton’s hand can be seen grabbing onto some rocks, and then a newspaper.

The screen is blue again, back underwater.


Scene 3 (in third person perspective)

Eaton can be seen ‘falling’ to the bottom of the sea and the camera zooms in to his hand and the newspaper it holds.

The audience can see the date on the newspaper, 2048, and the masthead saying ‘Tokyo Times’. The main headline reads: ‘ISIS almost wipes out world population’. Other minor headline says ‘Economic Crisis and Recession’.

Eaton maybe the only one alive as there’s no other human in sight.

Short vignettes of his family, friends and house to show his sadness (sad music playing in the background).


Scene 4 (in third person perspective)


A younger, fitter and happier looking Eaton is on a Japanese aircraft. The newspaper in his hand shows that the year is 2020. Suddenly an explosion, and the plane goes crashing into the Pacific Ocean. People on the plane die except for Eaton (he’s special, like a Divergent).

Scene 5 (Back to the Present)

Close up of Eaton, followed by scenes from a show he used to watch: The Flash. Eaton’s face in close up again. His face shows determination – he could go back in time and save the world.



By Vinesh Mirpuri, Emirates International School – Dubai

Lack of oxygen, weakness – I feel really wet and dehydrated at the same time. I open my eyes and see different shades of blue. At first everything looks normal, until I stare into the distance and see a small little clown fish at my eye level. Nothing seems normal. Everything is unnatural. For some reason, I don’t smell anything. I think I might have lost my sense of smell down here or something. I taste the saltiness, like I was in an ocean. Wait a minute! I think I am under the ocean!

I hear a sudden noise; I look behind me and see a school of fish. I struggle to breathe, as there is little or no oxygen down here. I try to remember what happened before I woke up, but my head is entirely blank. How can I survive under water? How long have I been down here?

I look into the distance and see a few big rocks stacked on top of each other. They are approximately 10 km away from my current location. Could I be close to land?  In the blink of an eye, I’m by the rocks, without struggle or fatigue. How can I move from one location to another – 10 km away – so fast?

I’ve heard of the anonymous Streak in Central City who is the fastest man alive. Could I be another Streak? I climb up the rocks looking for land, and as I erupt from the ocean, I see Tokyo. I walk onto the Tokyo harbour, cautiously looking for any clues. I suddenly see a newspaper with the year 2048 printed on it. I’ve been underwater for 25 years!

As I browse through the newspaper, I read about economic struggles, and how ISIS almost killed the entire world’s population in 2047. I finally put together that I might be the only person alive in the world. I continue to walk through Japan.

Suddenly it all comes back to me.  The year was 2020, and the particle accelerator was going to be launched in five minutes. I was on a plane heading to Tokyo. On the flight I was watching the Dr. Wells announce the launching of the accelerator in Central City. As soon as the accelerator went on, a big, massive explosion of colors lightened up the sky. The plane’s engines stopped working and it went crashing down into the sea. Nobody had survived.

I’ve heard of how Flash can travel back in time. Can I do that too? Can I go back in time and save the world?

The Future

By Sreeranjini Sureshbabu, Grade 6 – L, Our Own English High School, Sharjah 

Will the future be bright?

Or will it be a bad sight?

Will the next generation have a good time?

Or will life just be a mime?

Will the world flourish?

Or will that just stay a wish?

Will we be able to care for us?

Or will we keep making a fuss?

Are we supposed to die, breaking each other’s heart?

Or die, falling apart?

Are we to live in misery?

Or be fiery?

Will we ever hold hands together and smile?

Or will we keep cursing each other for a while?

Will evil be the one that rules?

And will we be his fools?

Will we ever know the meaning of happiness?

Or will we forever be slaves of sadness?


  • More from Lian Gonzales, grade 10

Have you ever experienced living in a world wherein everything can happen, but it’ll only last for a while? You sit there, mind blurry, unaware of the surroundings… wandering around random images and memories. You lie down on the grass, staring up at the clouds and trying to think about what each shape reminds you of. It could be fluffy flying marshmallows or that character form your childhood cartoons.

Another one – you close your eyes and all you can see is black, but not for long. You think, then think deeper, until you can see yourself in another dimension wherein everything can happen. Or maybe some memories are replayed― those heart-warming and memorable moments of your life. It’s like you are making your own world with your mind and heart alone, wide and free… And this world, it’s your imagination.

I Looked Out of the Window…

– by Lian Gonzales, Grade 10

I didn’t want you to go, but why did I let you go? Give me one more chance, but don’t trust me too much.

I remembered the time when I looked out of the window to see the bus leaving. I didn’t even know if I was struck with sorrow or relief. But I knew one thing, I was alone.

The flowers I gave you at your funeral, they’ve wilted from the changing seasons. The cake that I’ve baked for you that day, it’s still there at the oven, begging to be eaten. The love that I gave you, it has been taken away when you were still living.

But why now? Why would you leave after I’ve realized my real love for you?

I looked out of the window to see you leaving, and never returning. I looked out of the window to see the bus returning, but I don’t see you leaving from it.

I want you to go, but I didn’t want to let you go. Give me one more chance and trust me with all of your heart.

Return to my arms. I want to see you living, not leaving.