Unearthly Underwater Experience

  • By Prachi Bhatia, Emirates International School – Dubai

Scene 1 (in third person perspective)

The blue water moves along, shafts of sunlight cuts through the water and in the distance, a school of fish can be seen swimming through the seaweed and a pile of rocks. A wrecked ship can be seen and next to that, a mini underwater volcano. The protagonist, Eaton, mid-20s, around 6ft tall, fit, with a brown beard and light brown hair, his clothes, black shirt and grey jogging tracks, floats around, asleep, and nearby is a plastic bag.

Eaton struggles to breathe and then wakes up, thrashing his arms and legs. Looks around and swallows the water, and spits it out of his mouth.

Eaton: Yuck! It’s salty!

School of fish pass by and his eyes shut (as if curtains are being shut).


Scene 2 (in first person perspective)

(Curtains open) Dunes are visible and the sun is bright.

Eaton turns around in a slow movement, observing this new landscape.

As he turns, the camera shakes as Eaton falls/trips on something. Eaton’s hand can be seen grabbing onto some rocks, and then a newspaper.

The screen is blue again, back underwater.


Scene 3 (in third person perspective)

Eaton can be seen ‘falling’ to the bottom of the sea and the camera zooms in to his hand and the newspaper it holds.

The audience can see the date on the newspaper, 2048, and the masthead saying ‘Tokyo Times’. The main headline reads: ‘ISIS almost wipes out world population’. Other minor headline says ‘Economic Crisis and Recession’.

Eaton maybe the only one alive as there’s no other human in sight.

Short vignettes of his family, friends and house to show his sadness (sad music playing in the background).


Scene 4 (in third person perspective)


A younger, fitter and happier looking Eaton is on a Japanese aircraft. The newspaper in his hand shows that the year is 2020. Suddenly an explosion, and the plane goes crashing into the Pacific Ocean. People on the plane die except for Eaton (he’s special, like a Divergent).

Scene 5 (Back to the Present)

Close up of Eaton, followed by scenes from a show he used to watch: The Flash. Eaton’s face in close up again. His face shows determination – he could go back in time and save the world.