What’s in a name?

Today, we are defining ourselves. So here goes!

AshAshriti [Nature loving!!]

A Adventurous


H – Happy about everything!

R – Rainbows flying everyday!

I – Intelligent

T – Sticks to Time!

I – Interested in everything!

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.32.28 AMShahyan

[DJ Bravo!!]

S – Super-talented

H – Honourable 

A – Acrobat

H – Humane

Y – Yorker’s bowler!

A – Adventurous

N – Nature-loving

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.42.13 AMMehr 


M – Loves Melodious melodies

E – Energetic

H – Happiness all the time!

R – Rainbow cotton candy... yum-yum!



A – Acrobatically talented

B – Bouncy

H – Hilarious

I – Addicted to Ice-cream!

J – Joker

I – Interested in pranking people.

T – Talented in skateboarding!

H – Horrid!!!



ANVA Alliterations

  • By Abhijith Harish, Grade 4C, GEMS Our Own English High School, Dubai &                         Shahyan Reddy, Grade 4M, Indian High School, Dubai

So it was a small class today, just the two of us. And we did this game on making alliterations out of Adjective-Noun-Verb-Adverb combinations.

Here’s what we came up with:

Two_astronauts_talking_100803-205561-178009Amazing astronaut acts angrily.

images-1Copper cup cuts curiously.


Frightened frog farts freakingly. images

imgresLonely lady laughs lazily.

  1. Mad monkeys mourn mysteriously. clip-art-monkeys-390333

An Experience beyond Words

  • By Pranav Gurunathan, Grade 7/3, Cambridge International School, Dubai (CIS)

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.46.37 PM

As I walk out of the aeroplane, the soothing, slow Thai breeze caresses my skin, the inviting smell of seafood enters my nostrils, and the ever-comforting Thai smile greets me. I am astonished by this country.

I ride a tuk-tuk to my hotel, photographing the beautiful Thai streets and landscape along the way.  As I get down from my tuk-tuk and pay the fare, I am astonished by the elegance of the hotel, The Grand Hyatt.  Truly grand!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.46.52 PM

After taking a quick shower in my hotel, I catch another tuk-tuk and travel to the Victory Monument, an obelisk built in 1941 to commemorate a military campaign against the French in 1941.

Social life is amazing here, with many university students and commuters gathering.  ( The grilled chicken is also delicious!) On that note, I am off to enjoy what came to my mind as soon as I entered Thailand, FOOD!

My next destination is the secretly hidden Issaya Siamese club that I can only reach by travelling through narrow roads. Once I reach my destination, I am pleasantly surprised. The restaurant is inside a 100-year old house and surrounded by a tropical garden.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.48.21 PM

With many rooms for parties and a common dining room, this restaurant is superbly organized. The staff are great and the food cooked by Chef Ian Kittichai is even better. ( You should try the Kanom Dok Mali! Yummy!)

After the meal, I am in the mood for a sleep. I catch a taxi and sleep lazily in the rear seats, while I am taken to my hotel.

The soft bed in the hotel puts me to sleep and finishes off a great day.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.47.55 PM
One of the numerous Thai street food markets

The Gorgeous Country of Thailand

  • By Siddharth Anand, Grade-7, Cambridge International School – Dubai

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.00.20 AM

A warm hello from the beautiful paradise of Kao Tao! It has been an insane week here at Thailand. I knew since the moment I got out of the airport that coming here was the right decision, and that this holiday would be an unforgettable one. Our cabbie took us to a hotel on the shores of Kao Tao.

The real adventure was yet to begin.

Not one to procrastinate, I jumped at the chance to sunbathe. I am now sitting under an umbrella and watching the picturesque view in front of us. Seas of turquoise expand, merging into the blue skies at a point – so soothing for my eyes to see.

The orange sun is now making its dramatic exit, bleeding into the water. To make the view picture perfect, the waves crash repeatedly onto the sand, spraying droplets of water on me.

Probably the best feature of Thailand for a person like me is the food. At every meal they serve us different meat, each better than the last.  The standout, definitely, is the chicken sautéed with barbecue sauce, which is ambrosial. To accompany that, they serve us a different cocktail with each main course. This has been on my bucket list from a long time, and it is really worth the wait.

Rainforest, tropical islands, coconut trees, mountains, coral reefs – it is really amazing how many things a country as small as Thailand can fit  into its land, and how splendid it looks, all in all.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 10.00.55 AM