Transgender Rights

  • Written by  Abhjith, Adnan, Sachyith & Shruthi

Yesterday I came across an ad that talked about the transgender rights. Transgender people are those who have a gender or identity that differs from their assigned gender. These people are sometimes referred to as transsexuals.

I remember the time when I was seven years old and traveling in a bus. A transgender person got on the bus, and I was terrified by the way they behaved. This is usually the way transgender people are perceived.

Before coming across this ad, I used to treat transgender people with revulsion and fear. This ad changed my opinion about them as it mainly talks about the way transsexual people are thought of, as lower than us, and how they are not treated in the same way in which normal males and females are.

This short film has taught me that no one is lesser than the other.

This brings us to the point that transgender people have been denied their basic rights. The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality have been denied. How a person wants to continue with their life is their wish. We should respect their decisions and not take away their rights.


Watch the ad here: