Written by Sreeranjini Sureshbabu, Grade 8 – L, Our Own English High School, Sharjah


An eccentric happy soul was she yesterday,

Frolicking in the antics of her own heart

Adept at spreading accord and love

Abruptly dissolves her gentle smile.

Agile in the summer sunshine grass,

How have you forgotten to smile?

Splashing in the rain puddles,

How have you forgotten to dance?

Beneath a plain old hood

Where are those ardent blue eyes?

Something seems amiss in you, my friend.

How have you fallen into your own shadow?

Where is that playful wide grin of yours?

How have you become aloof from yourself?

Accurately articulating your thoughts yesterday,

How did today turn out so different?

Oh dear friend! Where are you?

Why have you apprehended yourself?

Do not let go of your wonderful insanity,

Set fire to those shackles and break free!

*Photo courtesy Google, chosen by the poet herself