By Srushti Srikanth, Grade 7, BGS National Public School – Bangalore

Shrushti 1

It is a beautiful day – as beautiful as beautiful can be. The sun’s rays are warm on my skin. Butterflies are doing their mating dance in beds of grass: green, flecked here and there with brown. Birds are humming a quiet tune, and bees are buzzing around, trying to find the right flower. The sky is painted with white fluffs of clouds.

An occasional breeze blows over me, making this place feel more like heaven. A grasshopper hums in the distance, making the butterflies that had quieted down rise again to its tone. Eagles cycle the clear blue sky, and plants and trees dance majestically as the wind blows. This is nature in all her glory, as far as I know.

A cow bellows deeply in the distance. I remove my slippers and feel the grass underneath my feet – cool in some places and warm in others. I hear a cock crow. Something, an insect probably, chirps.

I am just a student, I have my exams ahead of me. But for now my thoughts drift away, all else forgotten as I enjoy the peace and tranquility that only mother nature can provide.Shrushti # 2

Photos clicked around Shrusthi’s home – her Wonderland


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