Wandering in the Green

 – Sreeranjini Sureshbabu, Grade 7 – L, Our Own English High School, Sharjah 


Noise of the wind rushing through leaves fill my ears

All that joy I can no more to bear

The beauty and wisdom of nature

Touch my heart mystically.

Stepping forward with a confident heart

I race through clusters of leaves

Wind gushing into my ears

Whispering words unfamiliar to me

Warm rays of sunlight on the forest floor

Urge me to the next door

I brace myself for surprises to come

As the wind passes by, jingling the green.

Creaking of twigs, splashing of puddles

One more step and I jump into a river,

Whose cold waters lift my spirits.

I soak myself to my heart’s content

As I step onto land

The current tugs at my legs

Pulling me back

Least bothered am I about it

As my life goes out of grasp

The waters carry me afar

To the verge of a not-so-high waterfall

I take a deep breath and without a thought

Dive into the blue depths.

With a heavy splash I land

Gasping I swim to the surface

Hoping for wild

Blood-curdling adventures

I swim and reach the bank

Waiting for the tug at my feet

But nothing happens

And so I go on without a destination

I walk and walk until I became breathless

And I call out to the earth surrounding me:

Oh mother earth! How wonderful you are!

Your beauty mesmerising, your wisdom profound!

You nurture me in those arms of yours….

Oh! All I want is to live forever

And seek yet more wonders awaiting me!

As I move forward

Thick dark clouds assemble, hiding the sun

A few drops fall from the sky

In no time the storm strengthens

Making this the best day of my lifetime!

I raise my arms and fall on my knees

Feeling the rain on the surroundings and self

I feel complete, at last

As the rain drops and the green

Fill the chasm of sadness

With ever-lasting happiness…