Anagha Photograph (1)     Anagha Arun, Grade – 8A, Leaders Private School – Sharjah


Irresistible is the fragrance

Of the freshly bloomed daffodils,

That sway in rhythm

With the cool April breeze

The desire to venture

Into the bosom of nature

Lures me

But I shall not go

As something warns me

That ahead lies danger

Perhaps life threatening

The trees seem so welcoming

As the leaves whisper a lullaby

Or are they chanting a wicked spell

To poison the souls of my kindred

The ripe mangoes of yonder tree

Seem so tempting

But could they be a decoy

To lull one into a trap

Nay, I shall not go

Though the forest beckons me

I shall trust my conscience

Than follow an unknown trail.


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