By Vinesh Mirpuri, Emirates International School – Dubai

Lack of oxygen, weakness – I feel really wet and dehydrated at the same time. I open my eyes and see different shades of blue. At first everything looks normal, until I stare into the distance and see a small little clown fish at my eye level. Nothing seems normal. Everything is unnatural. For some reason, I don’t smell anything. I think I might have lost my sense of smell down here or something. I taste the saltiness, like I was in an ocean. Wait a minute! I think I am under the ocean!

I hear a sudden noise; I look behind me and see a school of fish. I struggle to breathe, as there is little or no oxygen down here. I try to remember what happened before I woke up, but my head is entirely blank. How can I survive under water? How long have I been down here?

I look into the distance and see a few big rocks stacked on top of each other. They are approximately 10 km away from my current location. Could I be close to land?  In the blink of an eye, I’m by the rocks, without struggle or fatigue. How can I move from one location to another – 10 km away – so fast?

I’ve heard of the anonymous Streak in Central City who is the fastest man alive. Could I be another Streak? I climb up the rocks looking for land, and as I erupt from the ocean, I see Tokyo. I walk onto the Tokyo harbour, cautiously looking for any clues. I suddenly see a newspaper with the year 2048 printed on it. I’ve been underwater for 25 years!

As I browse through the newspaper, I read about economic struggles, and how ISIS almost killed the entire world’s population in 2047. I finally put together that I might be the only person alive in the world. I continue to walk through Japan.

Suddenly it all comes back to me.  The year was 2020, and the particle accelerator was going to be launched in five minutes. I was on a plane heading to Tokyo. On the flight I was watching the Dr. Wells announce the launching of the accelerator in Central City. As soon as the accelerator went on, a big, massive explosion of colors lightened up the sky. The plane’s engines stopped working and it went crashing down into the sea. Nobody had survived.

I’ve heard of how Flash can travel back in time. Can I do that too? Can I go back in time and save the world?


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