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Have you ever experienced living in a world wherein everything can happen, but it’ll only last for a while? You sit there, mind blurry, unaware of the surroundings… wandering around random images and memories. You lie down on the grass, staring up at the clouds and trying to think about what each shape reminds you of. It could be fluffy flying marshmallows or that character form your childhood cartoons.

Another one – you close your eyes and all you can see is black, but not for long. You think, then think deeper, until you can see yourself in another dimension wherein everything can happen. Or maybe some memories are replayed― those heart-warming and memorable moments of your life. It’s like you are making your own world with your mind and heart alone, wide and free… And this world, it’s your imagination.


I Looked Out of the Window…

– by Lian Gonzales, Grade 10

I didn’t want you to go, but why did I let you go? Give me one more chance, but don’t trust me too much.

I remembered the time when I looked out of the window to see the bus leaving. I didn’t even know if I was struck with sorrow or relief. But I knew one thing, I was alone.

The flowers I gave you at your funeral, they’ve wilted from the changing seasons. The cake that I’ve baked for you that day, it’s still there at the oven, begging to be eaten. The love that I gave you, it has been taken away when you were still living.

But why now? Why would you leave after I’ve realized my real love for you?

I looked out of the window to see you leaving, and never returning. I looked out of the window to see the bus returning, but I don’t see you leaving from it.

I want you to go, but I didn’t want to let you go. Give me one more chance and trust me with all of your heart.

Return to my arms. I want to see you living, not leaving.

“Where are you from?”

                                                                                   – by Devanshi Arora, Grade 8

“Where are you from?”

This question has been asked countless times, on multiple occasions.

But really, where am I from?

I am from my homeland… but where is my homeland?

Is it where I was born …or is it where my ancestors spent most of their life time?

This question has baffled even the smartest of people, who live away from their “home” and are temporarily staying in another country, of different beliefs and traditions.

“Where is my  home?”

When you come to a different country, you learn from that country. You learn it’s culture, it’s history. And if you live in this same country for long, it becomes a part of you, and you become a part of it. It becomes your home, your safe haven.

It is said that your home is where your heart is. Where you feel the most comfort, the most relaxed and the most at ease.

For me, that is not India, but it is Dubai.

So, why is it then, that every time I mention this, my family hastily attempts to change my opinion?

“Your home is in India! You are an Indian citizen!” they say.

But, after living in Dubai for eleven odd years, my answer has never changed.

When I’m asked the dreaded question…my answer has been and will be the same.

“I was born in India, but I am from Dubai, my home.” I’ll state.

                      “And that’s where I’m from.”