The Little Blue Kite

A short story by Mariam Abdelrhman, Grade IV Red, The Oxford School, Dubai

Once there was a kite.  A little kite, with a bright yellow tail.  She was very pretty to look at.  But she did not like to fly too high.  The little blue kite belonged to a little girl called Lulu.  One evening  Lulu took her out, and guess what she did?  She flew into a big tree  and would not come down.  Lulu pulled and pulled at the string.  The string broke.  Lulu was very sad.  She left it up in the tree and went home.

Then darkness fell.  The leaves of the tree kept the little blue kite warm.  A puff of breeze sang to her… The little blue kite slept, and she had a dream.  She dreamed that she was in a place full of kites of all colours.  All the kites had faces painted on them. One had a long nose.

The little blue kite hid herself among the leaves.

“Aren’t you coming for the race?” asked the puff of breeze. “No, I am afraid.” said the little blue kite. “We all are afraid”, said the puff of breeze, “Come on.”

Down below a whistle blew. All the kites took off. They looked like a beautiful, colourful cloud. The little blue kite drew a deep breath. And she took off too, making straight for the sun…

Suddenly, the little blue kite woke up from her sleep. It was morning and there was Lulu, under the tree. The little blue kite smiled at her and floated down. Soon, she was flying up and up. A little blue kite in a big blue sky.