By Soumya Sunder

Purity, taking the form of love,
An immortal love showered in tons.
It is the mother’s love so pleasant,
So pure – to be nurtured.

She deposits our worries in herself,
Providing lots of love as interest.
She guarantees us the best of life,
Removes evil with her sword or knife.

Her sword or knife is nothing big,
Bigger is the love she bestows upon us.
She tries to provide us with everything possible,
More than everything is her trust on us.

The person who identifies our hidden talent,
Is the person who is the reason of our lives.
Our attachment is the greatest of all,
Nothing beyond her love can touch the sky.



By Karen Christina Stellus

Look, look in front of you
So that you may not fall down in life.
Look, look behind you
So that you may know the steps you have taken.

Look, look to your right
So that you may see the ones who love you.
Look, look to your left
So that you may see your opponents in life.

Look, look around you
So that you may know where you stand.
Look, look at your life
So that you may change on your own.

Look, look at your heart
So that you may always do what is right.
Look, look at yourself for once
So that you may know whom you really are.

For you can only look what is deep in you
And you can only look what is around.
So look, look at yourself not once but always
So that you may be the one not once but always!


By Soumya Sunder

Nature – with shades of vibrant and dark colours,
Morning as bright as the sun, and night as dark as a pitch.
Morning sunshine as bright as the stars,
Bringing new hopes and dreams for the day.
Walking on fresh grass as green as emarald,
In a hurry to reach the destination quickly.
Night as dim as a dungeon, thanking the Almighty for the wonderful day,
Ending the day by listening to the nightingale’s voice – as sweet as a mother’s lullaby.