By P.R. Rajeswari

Deadline nears….
A voice deep inside cries…
Neither dawn
Nor twilight is mine
My wish to see thy face
Taste thy nectar shalt remain unearned..

I heard thy Brine, mother mine!
Stealthy shedding in solitude
Pining for my shine…
Ah,Boor designs my fate
Thy prayers and hopes…
In vain..

I leave the world…
Without leaving a mark…
I depart thy womb…
With ache in my heart…
None sensed sting
In thy nidus and my heart..

I pine to smile in thy shrine,
Ah! none to hug me as mine,
In or out, I’ll be hurt,
For I am a dirt,
I’ll be gone without a trace,
God! Save the male race.

( I wrote this in 2009 for my blog )


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