Sallyann Della Casa doesn’t do things in half-measures. We’ve been planning on workshops together, she would continue with hers on Leadership, and I would start on (what else?) English – this is the plan. So as I was discussing presentations with her, she told me about Steve Jobs and his unparalleled presentations. And being her, she didn’t stop with that – she went out, bought the book and gave it to me the next time I met her. (Now you know what an unstoppable force is.)

My world, so far, has not crossed Steve Jobs’ in any way – he was a person the world outside revered; I have a few young friends in the IT, and they had grieved his death; if I were to play a word association game, I’d probably have connected Bill Gates to Microsoft, Microsoft to Apple (for whatever reason), Apple to iPod, and iPod to Steve Jobs – that’s about it.

When I started reading The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, however, things changed. Now he is as real to me as Robin Sharma is – a man who had amazing vision, was passionate about what he did and set out to change the world. His single-mindedness stuns me as I read along.

So, again, the point is that you’ll not only have to put up with me and Robin Sharma now, you have Steve Jobs to deal with as well. Here’s something I read about him, which impressed me:

“In 1983, Jobs was aggressively courting the then PepsiCo president John Scully. Apple desperately wanted to bring in someone with Sculley’s marketing and managing experience, but despite Steve’s charm, Sculley failed to budge.” (Then it goes on to the details that lead to a conversation that ‘provided one of the most famous quotes in the history of corporate America’.)

“…Jobs then looked up and issued a challenge to Sculley that would ‘haunt’ him. Jobs said, ‘Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?’ Sculley said it was as if someone delivered a stiff blow to his stomach.”

What impresses me is the utter conviction Jobs had in what he was doing. And that, I believe, is what made him extraordinarily great at it. Just like so many others. For the past couple of months, I have had the great fortune to be associated with that kind of utter conviction – conviction that one can change the world, one ought to, in fact. I mean, once again, Sallyann. I’ll introduce her to you soon.

Let us believe – in ourselves, in our cause. The universe will conspire to give us what we need to see things through.


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