I was clearing out some ‘teacher stuff’ when I came across a green paper with a yellow border that had the following written down in a neat hand.  I’d loved the poem then – when Shilpa and Vinaya were in 8F and had done this as a part of the project on Conflict, and I love it now, after almost two years.  I hope to hear more from you, Vinaya and Shilpa.

Read on:


Destroying the world beyond repair,

I can’t breathe, there’s no air.

The world is seeking refuge,

The destruction caused by war is huge.

And for their lives they fought,

But now they’re caught

In a dangerous plot.


Everyone wants to be saved now,

But they don’t know how.

It’s cold,

But they’re trying to be bold.

We’re all longing for peace,

Free from this seize.

Out of this prison cell,

Some place safe to dwell.

Why is peace so hard to find?

Or has that thought just left our mind?

– Vinaya and Shilpa