With exams round the corner, just thought I should mention something that I’ve noticed. There’s always this rush to complete your writing. Time your writing well – leave at least a few minutes to do any catching up you’d need at the end.To all my eighth graders: take a look at a good magazine article and see how the writing flows – how, though it expresses opinion, it is still very different from an essay. See how it starts at a personal level, and moves on to the general – like a pyramid.http://blog.rococochocolates.com/2010/first-lady-of-chocolate-interview-with-gulf-news-friday-magazine/

Check out how the article starts with the sentence:

“Walking into Chantal Coady’s Rococo chocolate shop on Marylebone Street in London is like stepping into a time machine; you tend to become the wide-eyed kid who daydreamed of chocolate houses and candy chairs.”

Then it moves on to more details and becomes more general, with the writer’s opinions thrown in.


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