The idea for this blog (which had started out as  just a Facebook page) came to me after a conversation we had in 8C on the last working day before the summer vacation. We – Smriti, Aashka, Riya, Krisha, a couple of others and I – were discussing about the condition of heritage places in India and other such random stuff, and to me it came as a pleasant surprise that my bunch of 13-year-olds genuinely cared about their hometown, a place they see once a year, at the most.

So I thought that maybe a common platform to share our concerns, views and anything else that we find interesting would be good. We could ‘talk’ about things that matter – to us, at least. And who knows? Maybe some day, something positive might come out of it…

This page is for my girls.


Mini Ma’am


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk!

  1. mam can you give more examples of verb tense like past perfect,present perfect.i really like this site mam,its like a conversation area or place or something like that.


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